New garden to complete a beautiful new extension

At 4DS Construction we don’t just transform your home we can also transform your garden too. Gardens serve different people in various ways and we can cater to a number of different landscaping options to suit various needs.

Whether it be for low maintenance or socialising, renovating your garden space not only gives you additional space to use however you please but it also increases the value of your property.

This is a recent project we’ve just completed in Basingstoke and it is a perfect example of how the 4DS Construction team can adapt your existing garden to meet new demands. This was a new extension that the customer wanted continuing into their garden. We added a raised patio to transition the inside to outside for the new extension and then dropped it down to composite decking and a pagoda.

Below are some pictures of this latest garden project. If you want to know about how we help you transform the aesthetic appeal of your garden and transition your inside to outside in a similar way, please get in touch.